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Do the same thing, get the same result.

This is so true. How hard I have tried to change up my running training -- like my writing. I did the Tinkerbell Half Marathon in January in costume and trained with friends. That helped attitude. Then got plantar fasciitis and did exercises and wore a sleep boot. That got me healthy. Then gave up alcohol and sugar for Lent.…

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Clearing Your Head & Roadblock Busters

Everyone hits roadblocks in their work and their writing. Sometimes coming up against one roadblock after another, and sometimes big slam-backs, just make you weary. You need something to clear your brain and give yourself a break. For me, it's running. And especially running along rivers, high desert paths (without super hi heat.) and trails that give me God's spectacular…

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Manuscript Revisions and Running – You need support groups!

Now that I am back from rehabbing, both on my manuscripts and on my lower back for running, I see they both take the same trajectory. For each, I have a support group of 3 people. Three people in my critique group, and three people for early morning runs along the marsh and bay. Both groups are an endless source…

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Injured Runner

Runner Injury Equates to Writer Critique Slam

I run and write. I realized that getting a runner injury is like getting a critique slam down on your manuscript. Both are big setbacks. And both require mental strength and the need to call in the support team to lift up your body and brain. I've been fortunate to run marathons and half marathons for the past 7 years…

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