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Bothin Marsh Blooming With Salty Pickleweed
Chapter Books

I love running along the marsh.  I use to think it was just a bog of weeds and trash. Marshes have been filled in, paved over, and used as dumping grounds. Now I know it is filled with animals, stories and their adventures.

The three marsh chapter stories intersect with each other.


Works in Progress or Completed

The Rock Storm Mystery
Rachel Rose, a tiny, tenacious salt marsh harvest mouse, loses her family to mysterious rock storms—unpredictable showers of rock, dirt and concrete. She searches for her family and disappearing food, but until she can find out what causes the storms, no marsh mouse is safe.

Nico, the champion jumping red-legged frog, is a bit selfish, forgetful of others, and really wants his Dad’s approval. He befriends mice, which totally isn’t allowed, since they are food, after all. The mice help him build confidence and find his way to take risks for others against the Bullfrog Army, not just for himself.

Salt Marsh Harvest Mouse

Della, a 4th grader, is not a dirt lover, even though she lives near the marsh and Frog Pond. She falls in love with two endangered animals that fall into her backpack, only to discover her Papa, an excavator driver, will fill in Frog Pond.

Lower Middle Grade

THE BIG BAD BOOK CLUB – Stealing is Stealing
The Big Bad Book Club is a 35K middle grade paranormal mystery. Camila is the bossy, self-appointed spokesperson for Barto Balboa Academy’s fifth grade book club that secretly helps kids out of trouble in haunted Classroom #21. When Camila’s arch rival club member, Sage, is accused of stealing, they must catch the computer thief and the ghost that haunts their classroom to keep their friendships and book club together.

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