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Faces Magazine Articles: The Changing Role Of Women In Kenya, A Kaleidoscope Of Food

I have been an avid runner for years and am mesmerized by the runners of Kenya. I asked the same questions as many people around the world. Why has this impoverished country had more outstanding runners than any other country in the world? That took me on my research quest to learn about Kenya, the runners, their food, training, desire, poverty and their unique training environment. My path then led me to the government, the role of women in the nation and the behemoth amount of work that women do. I March 2016 FACES magazinelearned this new democratic nation legislated gender equality in 2010. Kenya is the most progressive of African nations as Kenya recognizes the huge and extraordinary contribution women make. If you have chance, take a look at my articles — The Changing Role of Women, and A Kaleidoscope of Food and Drink, FACES Magazine for children, March 2016 on Kenya – A Diverse Land

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