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We have a great region and I have had a blast working with Margaret Speaker Yuan as her assistant regional adviser for over 4 years. She is a super hard worker, like I am, and we have got a region of terrific volunteers. When a SCBWI region reaches a certain size (like pretty big in membership) the region may split the regional adviser job and also have an assistant regional adviser.

So a little happy dance. I am now the CO-REGIONAL ADVISER. Pretty cool. And Keely Parrack in Contra Costa County, developer of the Beyond the Bay program in Walnut Creek, is our new assistant. And now we also have Brian Bowes as the Illustrator Coordinator, which is super fun. We just keep kicking up more and more programs for children’s writers and illustrators. We are fortunate to have so much talent in our region who want to improve their craft to excellence!

Be sure to sign up for our conference on October 20th at Only a few seats remaining!

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