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Faces Magazine Article, The Dreamtime Of Australia’s Aboriginal People – Songlines Are The Footprints To Sacred Ancestor Spirits

This article is close to my heart. While I have visited my family over the many, many years they have lived in Australia, it was this article that immersed me into Faces Magazine Australia's First People, Coverthe true depth of the Aboriginal belief system. My family has toured me along many of the wonderful sites in Melbourne, along with the incredible museums. I’ve viewed Aboriginal art and historical sites. I’ve never really understood the lines and dots. But researching this article dropped me into the depths of the amazing belief system of the Aborigines – and their art. It was a wonderful project to collaborate with my Aussie artist sister.

I hope you enjoy the article.  The magazine’s cover reaches right into your eyes and heart. Click on the magazine cover and scroll down to read the article, reprinted with permission by Faces Magazine/Cobblestone Publishing.

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