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I received assignments for two articles for the January 2018 issue of FACES Magazine’s Great Cities of the World: Tokyo. The articles are from my heart. I’ve worked in Tokyo on work assignments in the video game industry. There I met a colleague who became a life-long friend and business partner. He and I introduced Talking Mickey Mouse Watches to Japan, among other unique ventures. But most importantly, he enriched my life by showing me the beautiful culture, people, and history of Japan. Over the years, he has given my family innumerable amazing Japanese gifts, including fine Japanese Laquerware, a Battledore, pearls, intricate Japanese cracker tins and more.

The two articles that will appear in January 2018 are Manga and Anime Mania, a look at the incredible worldwide craze of Japanese comics and animation, and Bento Boxes and Japanese Laquerware, a peek into this historic, treasured serving ware for lunches and meals.



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