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I never thought it would happen. Really, I never thought about age. I keep trying new things. But I never thought I would get slower in running. It’s hard to accept.

So when I entered the China Camp Trail Half Marathon, for some reason my 9-ChinaCamp-Baseyoung mind thought, just train and surely you can’t be the slowest. Well, when you don’t train sufficiently, like only once before on this hill/mountain/thigh and calf-busting trail, what do you expect?

Well, I expected I would do well. That’s emotion fooling brain, fooling body. The Half was brutal and a killer. I told all the aid stations to LEAVE. I had a cell phone. I was slow. But they didn’t.  My goals changed from “run” the whole thing, to NOT TRIP and kill yourself, to just finish alive.

The irony is that I finished first in my (female) age group – but I was the only runner. And I finished second to last. Not last. As I watched the 20 and 30 something gazelles blast by me, I could wish and dream — and realize I was really never them anyway and I sort of hated them (okay envied). But I was the only ONE in my age group, so that has to stand for something.

Power on. Keep perspective.

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