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I’ve had blistering critiques, start-over critiques, not nice critiques, imagescritiques that called my work “a critique quilt”, critiques by “experts” that obviously didn’t write or buy my category, and more. And then you have a good critique, or even a “great” critique — and you wonder, are they sure? did they read it? are they just being nice? Okay, now what?

It’s a roller coaster of emotions, self confidence, self doubt and more. Sometimes I liken it to an athlete that suffers a severe injury or has a series of horrible games. Can they come back? Do they still have it? Did they ever have it?

The critical key is to pick yourself up and get back on the court or field, or inimages-1 the case of writing, the computer. Learn, get back in shape, and pound the keyboard. And that can be the hardest thing ever. Like any setback, the amazing support of those around, the fair and honest opinion of those you respect, and the never ending faith in your heart that you do it are all that count.

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