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Re-assessing goals is something that I sometimes have a hard time doing. I’m pretty achievement-oriented.  But when illness and 10933823_10203040780414665_3900567862602967506_ninjury set my 2 running buddies and me behind, we made the big decision – let’s just run for fun! Let’s stop along the way, see the characters, and enjoy Disneyland! And that’s what we did.  Then we all went for pancakes at the Story Tellers Cafe. We did give some post-race consternation to our  finish times–but we were just so happy to 1) be able to run 2) enjoy the route 3) finish 4) eat an amazing breakfast 5) have healthy walking feet to spend time in Disneyland!

Reassessing goals need to happen — and its the same for writing. Or you will never be happy with what you do — and will miss out on the sites and sounds of the journey.


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