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On May 18th, we held 2 local region meetings, one for illustrators in Oakland, and the other for writers in Walnut Creek. It was just one of those scheduling things where one speaker could only do that day and we had already scheduled the other event. We weren’t sure if there would be torn allegiances — the desire to attend both, and there was. So we learned, DO NOT schedule events on the same day, even if we think one is for illustrators and one is for writers — those writer/illustrators are caught in the middle.

Both events were terrific and we had the largest local meeting turnout ever. For both events, we had nearly 100 total attendees. Pretty great.

We were especially overwhelmed by the generosity of Dr. Terry Rawls at Patten University, patten-campusOakland, who let us use his outstanding facility. The room was lovely, professional and had great tech, which we are so very appreciative. This a great article about the co-founder of UniversityNow and owner of Patten University!

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