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Diving in for a Complete Edit

I have completed 2 chapter book manuscripts. I've been submitting both a bit to agents and editors. Then I rewrite, then a new critique,  then a new rewrite, then I submit. I've received complimentary rejections (which is way above a postcard, or check- the-box-of-no-suitability) and also postcards or crooked copies of "no thanks" form letters or just no response. So…

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Getting Local, Familiar and Out of “Shy-Space”

Even though I have spoken nationwide and consulted with firms around the world, children's writing is a totally different animal. It has taken me awhile to absorb and take to heart the wonderful advice and experiences from other published writers. It's not that I don't believe them, nor didn't understand how to implement their good advice.  I think there was…

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Programs are on A Roll

  • February 27, 2013

SCBWI is a wonderful organization of talented volunteers. I am biased. I think our region has among the best. We have some terrific programs starting off the year for writers and illustrators to learn, hone their craft, and get inspired to keep on plugging (as we all know that there is not a lot of money in children's lit unless…

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Getting the Calendar Going for 2013

It's been pretty crazy since our terrific, super crowded conference in October, 2012. I think it took the conference team a month or more to recover. We ended the year with two more fun events in December, one free for members at the lovely, historic Depot Bookstore & Cafe in Mill Valley, and the other event in Walnut Creek featuring…

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Yippee, now SCBWI Co-Regional Adviser for SF North & East Bay

We have a great region and I have had a blast working with Margaret Speaker Yuan as her assistant regional adviser for over 4 years. She is a super hard worker, like I am, and we have got a region of terrific volunteers. When a SCBWI region reaches a certain size (like pretty big in membership) the region may split…

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SCBWI Los Angeles Conference Kicks Your Rear

The Conference held in Los Angeles is nearly  a week long series of meetings, speeches, networking, workshops, parties, eating and possibly chatting with 1,200 great people. You have to enter this conference with a plan, like I posted earlier. Otherwise you can get caught in conference nervosa: the various stages of exhilaration, depression, exhaustion, frustration and giddiness that can kidnap…

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Conference excitement, but get the pay off

There are so many good reasons for writers to attend conferences. But go with a plan, though. The national August SCBWI conference in Los Angeles is amazing. Even with an economy that stumbles along, this conference continues to grow. The speakers, peer camaraderie and critiques of your work all can give you a big kick in the rear. But your…

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