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I’m used to running (and writing) setbacks. 2014 seemed to have its share of them. First, plantar fasciitis, right at the beginning of the 2014 year, for the Tinkerbell Half. But I powered through it, then was out for 3 months, wearing a sleep boot. But all is good. Then I had basil cell carcinoma on my left calf (who has it on their calf?) and that knocked me out for another 2 months. Three inch scar. Honestly. But got back on the running road, training for Star Wars for 1/18/15 in Disneyland. But a pirateous (is that a word? If not, it should be) post holiday respiratory cold is threatening withdrawal from Star Wars. But all is good. My son in law is ready to dawn his Star Wars garb and make the run!

Always keep the big picture in mind: The goal – recover, and keep on running (and writing!!!)

P.S. My costume was going to be a take-off on Star Wars character, Ahsoka99880693-deluxe-adult-ashoka-costume-000. Ah Well.

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